10 Romantic Things To Do For Your Husband

If you’ve been married for a while, doing at least 10 romantic things to do for your husband would start to feel harder and harder.  You and your husband have gone through a lot of things, and sometimes little things don’t seem to matter that much anymore.  Planning to do a romantic thing for your husband might seem to be daunting task, let alone planning to do 5 or even 10 of them.  This article’s goal is to give you some insight, a few ideas, of what 10 romantic things to do for your husband.

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Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Husband

1.)    Write him a card.

As insignificant it might seem, writing a card filled with praises and remembering some of your most romantic memories with your husband would surely make him feel nostalgic and happy.

2.)    Prepare his favorite meal.

There’s an old saying, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach“.  This can’t be more true, as most husbands would surely appreciate it if their wives would prepare them their favorite meal.

3.)    Gaze upon the stars and the moon alone with your husband.

Sit together with your husband on the porch, outside the patio, or just open that window a bit upstairs where you and your husband could look at the stars together.  Spend time talking about good memories, or just sit there together.

4.)    Cuddle on the bed.

Men likes to cuddle as much as women do.  Your husband might want to cuddle with you, and that’s enough to give him that romantic feeling.

5.)    Give him a back rub.

After that long and tiring day, he might appreciate it if you gave him a massage on the back.  You don’t need to be an expert masseuse to do this, just rub his back so that all his tensions are gone.

6.)    Wear that favorite dress and look nice for him.

Men are visual beings.  They would feel appreciated if you gave them what they want:  your absolute beauty.  Put on your best make up, wear that dress that he likes so much, and just look beautiful for him.  If you look like a princess, then embrace your husband like a prince.

7.)    Dance a slow dance.

Some couples have a favorite song of their own.  Clear your living room, and turn on that song for him.  Dance with your husband, as you and him both go back in time to remember happy memories together.

8.)    Make him a sweater.

Believe it or not, but some men really appreciate their wives when they spend a lot of time and effort to make them sweaters.  Thinking on what to give him for your 20th anniversary?  Sweaters would be one of the best 20th anniversary gifts that you can give to your husband.

9.)    Give him surprise hugs.

Everybody likes to be hugged once in a while, and so as your husband would like to be hugged by you.

10.)      Shower him with kisses.

From a light kiss to a slow and deep kiss, your husband would surely like to be kissed passionately by you.

These are just general ideas of what 10 romantic things to do for your husband.  As you have read, thinking about 10 romantic things to do for your husband really isn’t that hard.  You just need to put the time and effort to make things romantic, for both him and you.  Now that you know 10 romantic things to do for your husband, it’s time to put the effort and do it.