20th Anniversary Gifts

Two decades is such a long time having lived peacefully with your spouse or parents. To commemorate the beautiful moments you have had throughout the period you should look for the best 20th anniversary gifts to offer.

The choice of the presents may differ from one individual to another but they should be symbolic to the event. It has been noted that the Chinese recognize the 20th anniversary more than any other occasion. As a tradition, it is the responsibility of every spouse to buy their partner gifts, especially the 20th anniversary gifts for husband.

The anniversaries are not only meant for married people but can also be made by friend or parents who have watched their children grow to their twentieth birthday. The theme and color of the gifts should be very appealing to send the necessary information.

Factors to Consider When Buying 20th anniversary gifts

It is the human nature to get stranded especially when buying romantic anniversary ideas and presents for loved ones; everybody has his/her own preferences. Whether you will shop in a Chinese or any other shop, you should consider:


Different colors blend with different occasions; the best color in this occasion should either be green or white.

  • Green symbolizes the nature of events in the relationship.
  • White gives relief even in times of challenges. You can buy white 20th anniversary gifts for parents to make them feel relaxed after undergoing trying time as they brought you up.


Presents made from durable materials like platinum give long time memories therefore you should be very careful as you do your shopping. Do not be attracted by the color only, read the inscriptions to know the material used.

What are the Perfect and Most Common 20th anniversary gifts?

The Chinese have a unique art of making decorations and that’s why most people buy 20th anniversary gifts from their shops. There are small gifts which are wrapped together to represent the number of years, some of these gifts are:

Chinese bonsai plant

If you are planning to buy 20th anniversary gifts for wife you should look for this beautiful plant, it symbolizes the growth of your relationship from a humble beginning to where you are. Some commitments will also be required in the relationship since the tree will illustrate that it has to be watered now and then.

Porcelain rose

Flowers have been used as an indication of love to someone, the rose flower which is made of porcelain material is very durable. If present to your spouse it will cement your marriage since it will act as a reminder, the smell it produces will also remind you of the fun moments that you ever had together.

Platinum jewel

The glittering color of rings and necklaces made from platinum creates a better theme in the 20th anniversary. Though they are expensive you should buy one for him/her it shows how you value your partner.

You may not have the money to buy all the presents to represent the two decades you have lived together but you can make some by yourself or request a friend to assist you. Love coupons and love notes can be wrapped in a newspaper then put in a platinum plate and presented to a beloved one. Try getting 20th anniversary gifts and see how enjoyable it is.